30kw wind generator
    • Parameter

Blade diameter: 12.0m
Number of blades: 3
blade material: fiber glass
Rated wind speed: 13 m/s
Start wind speed: 3.5m/s
Working wind speed: 3.5-20m/s
Security wind speed: 40m/s
Rated output power: 30kw
Max output power: 35kw
Rated speed: 100r/ min

Type of generator: permanent-magnets- 3 phase A.C.
Speed regulation:  microcomputer intelligence controller
Output voltage : DC380V
Output controller system:
Tower type: pull wire tubular tower and free stand tower
Normal tower height:18m
Weight of top section: 1130kg
Necessary battery: 12V 200AH 60 pieces

  1. Power diagram




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