Gas Generator Sets (Natural Gas,LPG,ETC)
  gas Generator,gas Generator set  

Our gas generators can be powered by world famous gas engines of Cummins, Deutz, Ricardo and Dongfeng 135 series coupled with Stamford or Siemens alternators ranging from 24KW upto 1000KW.

 Gas generating set can be widely used to the oil mines, coal mines, chemical industry, carbon industries, wine factories, ferment factories, and food processing, rubbish burying factory, waste water processing factory. This equipment can take advantage of natural gas, methane and other combustible gases. This equipment can be applied into transformation of railway and highway to make a cut of the cost; It can also be widely popularized in rural countries, where straw, paddy crust, fruit crust, and saw waste can be the materials to generate electricity. Gas engine and alternator are of environment-friendly products, users’ can share the law priorities.

 At present, we can offer gas engines and alternators from suppliers both at home and abroad. The fuel can be:

 1. Natural gas, the gas from coal mines, marsh gas, whose main ingredient is methane.

 2. Gas from stove, biological gas from straw, whose main ingredient is carbon monoxide

 3. Water gas and so on highly containing hydrogen.

 4.LPG, gas exists with petroleum, which intimately related with petroleum.

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